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WWE fans...the female side
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Ever been told you can't be a wrestling fan because you're female? This is a community for SERIOUS FEMALE WRESTLING FANS. If you're going to post about how HAWWWWWWWWT so and so is..ty and keep it out of here. We already have to contend with the stereotypes about how we only like wrestling for the hot guys, don't make the stereotype appear to be true.
Modded by prisonofdesire and dragonrana
If you type like a twit, I'll assume you ARE a twit, and delete your posts
No posting about how sexy/hot/cute/adorable someone is, unless it has to do with the storyline.
This is for serious fans, but it's not for arseholes. Don't go off at someone just because they want toknow a bit more, or are new. Only go off if they're really annoying;)
No spoilers - if you're going to post results, tag it with the text being "Spoilers (show - date)"

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