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Tue, Jan. 31st, 2006, 05:54 pm
char1ie_gir1: (no subject)

this site hasnt had much action..just thort id post sumthing :P

Mon, Nov. 14th, 2005, 11:59 pm
xprettykitty: (no subject)

We'll miss you Eddie.

Fri, Sep. 9th, 2005, 10:40 pm
mynameisrizzo: Dunno if this is allowed or not....

But on Myspace, I created a Group for the one and only, Trish Stratus...so if anyone has a myspace account and is interested, heres the link...http://groups.myspace.com/100Stratusfaction

and if this isn't allowed, by all means delete it....but thank you anyhow =]

<3 Chrissy

Thu, Aug. 18th, 2005, 01:12 am
wwfanz: Shameless Promotion

I'd like to promote my community if I may.


A community for fans of The Hurricane, Rosey, Super Stacy and Mighty Molly.

Wed, Jun. 29th, 2005, 02:55 pm
octobrmoonchild: some WWE icons for your LJ....

I couldn't find in the rules that this isn't allowed, so I'm gonna go ahead and post it, and if you would like me to remove it later I will do so gladly! :-)

But I made some John Cena and Triple H icons(because they're my faves)....but I am taking ideas for other superstars anyone might like to see in the future....

Teasers: Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

(Follow the "cut")

If you like what you see, join my comm, we'd love to have you. :-) Celestial Musing celestialmusdes

And please do remember to credit: missbubbahotep

Mon, Jun. 27th, 2005, 07:43 pm
comadrug235: My New Community

I realized that there wasn't a single community for Victoria.And I felt that there should be one.
So I went and made one.It's called vicious_vixen_

I'm still fixing some of it up.But feel free to join and tell me what you think.

Mon, Jun. 20th, 2005, 06:00 pm
secludedly: Autographs!

Official "Set-Signing" Autographs For Sale

Stone Cold Steve Austin (1)
Sable (2)
L.O.D. 2000 w/Sunny (2)

Images-> Read more...Collapse )

All Autographs from the summer of '97-'98. Some better condition than others, though no serious damage, just minor crinkles towards the edges that are barely seen. No rips or tears.

Set price range: 10$ each, though debatable.
Leave a comment or E-mail me at: Atheistically@aol.com with what you want. Money must be received first. (You can't take a promise over the Internet, but I promise anyway this is no scam, I'm just dying to get rid of these and I know I could make cash off it, and possibly benefit someone's infatuations.)

Mon, Jun. 13th, 2005, 04:05 pm
sarahandnath: Just joined

hi!I just joined here!Just wanna let all you know im a hardcore wrestling fan just like all you probably are and i wanted to ask if anyone knows what is going on with Randy orton.Anyone know how he is or when he is going to be back?I miss him.He is one hell of a wrestler.Anyway....I am so excited for Hell In A Cell!I think Batista will once again beat HHH's ass!I can not wait!

Mon, Jun. 13th, 2005, 05:53 pm
onerawdiva: (no subject)

Could someone please make me an Aim icons and an LJ icons out of the pictures below?

Lita Kicks A$$

Amy Dumas & Matt Hardy


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